Back to School Party

Parents can celebrate a back to school party or kids may prefer to call the festivities an end of summer party. Other way, it is a fund way to look back on the summer and have a get together with everyone before school starts again (or for some the first time).

An outdoor party with a barbecue is the perfect way to feed the party guests. Ask the children what their favorite parts of the summer were and what they are looking forward to most when going back to school. Try and incorporate these things into the party.

Make a school bus cake using two square cake pans. Use one cake as the body of the bus and cut up the second cake making wheels and the front part of the bus that jets out. Make goodie bags for all the children to take home and place them in brown paper bags with their names written on them. Things to put in the bags:

* An apple

* Small notebook

* Pencil

* Eraser

* Calculator

* Anything else school related

Hold a spelling bee and give a prize to the winner (maybe a new backpack). Have a large jar full of jelly beans or another fun treat and have the children guess how many are in the jar. The closest person gets to take the jar home. Think of other activities that revolve around the curriculum the children will be going back to once the school bells starting ringing again.

Invite children from your child’s class that maybe he or she hasn’t seen in the summer. For younger children, this can make the transition back into the classroom easier if they have a familiarity with the people they are going to be seeing every day. The other parents will be appreciative to as it will help their children too.


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